Marble Blast Gold 1.4.1

Fun game with nice graphics and numerous challenges that get progressively harder

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    Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 / Windows XP

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    7.6 (2220)

Marble Blast Gold is an action game that seems simplistic on the surface. Players must roll a marble along a playing field avoiding the pitfalls and edges that will end with the marble falling. The truth is that it's an addictive action game, perfect for all kinds of game players of any age.

Players will maneuver their marble through single platforms that will zig and zag over a dangerous course of twists and turns. The beginner levels are set for training, and players can get a feel for how the marbles move while learning about power ups and the many hazards that will plague the marbles progress.

Power Ups

There are five available power ups in the game that will help players to become super advanced. There's the super speed power up, which gives a burst of speed to the player. The super jump makes it easy to jump onto platforms from a superior distance. The super bounce is a fun power up that will make it easy to jump from one platform to another. The absorber and gyrocopter bring advance mechanics to the player too.


There are many hazards in Marble Blast Gold. Hazards can be avoided using power ups. Land mines can be avoided by getting an absorber power up to absorb the damage or a super bounce to avoid the land mine completely by jumping over it. There are tornadoes to be run from, thin catwalks to carefully navigate and pistons to avoid.

With more than 100 levels of challenging races, there are plenty of fun, action-filled hours of gameplay to enjoy. When players advance, they can create their own maze or race to share with other players or enjoy themselves. The entire family can enjoy this game.


  • Hazards and power ups give an extra excitement to the race
  • Fun for the entire family
  • Parents might become nostalgic for the old, arcade style marble games


  • Demo has limited number of levels

For those who like more advanced gaming opportunities, the ability for players to create their own levels is an amazing bonus. It gives the advanced player more challenges and the ability to share those levels and challenge their friends.

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